3 Horror Novels Involving Evil Mind Control #WickedGoodReads

Kim here with more spooktastic books for you to check out this October! This time we’re looking into the truly frightening plot tactic of mind control. Can you imagine having thoughts that weren’t yours and being unable to control what you did because of them? IMO this tops the list of really creepy! Here are three books with a level of evil mind control in them that I’ve read and enjoyed lately. (PS- Not for the faint of heart.)

My Best Friends Exorcism, Grady Hendrix

Okay, what the what is going on?! That’s basically what I was thinking through this entire book. Finally there’s some light shed on this whole evil possession thing but the ride to get there is rough for our main characters. 

Abby and Gretchen have been best friends since fifth grade, when they bonded over a shared love of E.T., roller-skating parties, and scratch-and-sniff stickers. But when they arrive at high school, things change. Gretchen begins to act….different. And as the strange coincidences and bizarre behavior start to pile up, Abby realizes there’s only one possible explanation: Gretchen has a demon living inside her. And Abby is not about to let anyone or anything come between her and her best friend. With help from some unlikely allies, Abby embarks on a quest to save Gretchen. But is their friendship powerful enough to beat the devil? 

The Book of Accidents, Chuck Wendig

This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. TW- abuse. This book is about the cycle of abuse in families and, quite literally, the devil of abuse. But it’s also about fighting like hell to break that awful cycle. It’s hard to read at times and really scary, but there’s a level of hope to this book too. Proceed with caution.

Nate and Maddie both struggled through their childhoods. They knew something evil was surrounding them but they didn’t know just how deep it ran. Now, Nate and Maddie Graves are married, and they have moved back to their hometown with their son, Oliver. And now what happened long ago is happening again . . . and it is happening to Oliver. He meets a strange boy who becomes his best friend, a boy with secrets of his own and a taste for dark magic.

The Haunted Forest Tour, James A. Moore and Jeff Strand

This book is a marriage of humor and complete gore. Yep- be prepared for a lot of blood among other yucky things. It’s a wild sprint through a freaky forest toward survival. You never know who will be picked off next or who will suddenly find themselves hearing voices in their head. 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Haunted Forest Tour! Sit back and enjoy a smooth ride in air-conditioned comfort as your heavily armored tram takes you through nature’s most astonishing creation. The forest is packed to capacity with dangerous and terrifying creatures of all shapes, sizes, and hunger levels, and you’ll get to observe these wonders in complete safety…. We promise!


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