Last year I put together a Summer Fun (G)uide for Adults – 42 Ways to Enjoy the Season and it was a blast having a list to stretch myself and not do the same old same old. This year, I’m making a year-long list as a way to encourage me (and everyone else) to be intentional about building fun into our lives.

January 2023

Spend as much time outside as possible

  • 1. Go walking / hiking / running in a local park / trails near you at least once during each season
  • 2. Go cycling or running with a group at least once a month
  • 3. Watch a sunset (not at home) each season
  • 4. Watch a sunrise (not at home) each season
  • 5. Enjoy beach days at least once every other week throughout the summer
  • 6. Go kayaking and/or SUP at least 3x
  • 7. Soak in a hot spring
  • 8. Run outside at least once/ month
  • 9. Ride outside at least once / month

Eat and Drink for Wellness and Food Experiences

  • 10. Experience a city through its food tours 
  • 11. Dine in at least 1 well known (or reviewed) restaurant
  • 12. Discover and celebrate America’s many food cultures (50 States, 50 Cuisines)
  • 13. Research supplements and take them consistently! Use a habit tracker
  • 14. Do Dry January to reset

Move Your Body

  • 15. Run at least 600 miles this year
  • 16. Ride at least 1500 miles this year
  • 17. Learn how to play pickle ball or tennis or any other racquet sport
  • 18. Try a yoga (or meditating, stretching / core / mobility) practice for 10 minutes a day for a month
  • 19. Get a massage to help your muscles at least twice!

Ditch the WFH Sweats … or Not

  • 20. Have a stay-cation at home all day once a season – pajamas are mandatory
  • 21. Watch a movie at the theater. Bonus points if it’s a drive-in. And eat all the popcorn … or candy
  • 22. Host a dinner party or small get-together at your place
  • 23. Read all the books
  • 24. Plan a getaway to a new place
  • 25. Sign up for a group tour (or group experience)
  • 26. Go to a state park
  • 27. Go to a fair or festival in state
  • 28. Go to a fair or festival out of state
  • 29. Go to a music concert / festival
  • 30. Go to a comedy show


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