4 Story Ideas to Record {1 Second Everyday App}

1secondI recently stumbled upon this really fun app called 1 Second Everyday. The  idea behind it is to record 1 second of video every day. You can then compile your 1 second shorts into one longer video. You can add an image in the place of video if you like too. I’ve had so much fun with this!For February I chose to record every day moments. The little things that might seem mundane but make our lives what they are. (Mine turned out to be almost all of my son since my life practically revolves around parenting these days.) You can see an example of it here.

It occurred to me that I could have a little fun with this app every month if I told a different ‘story.’ For February I recorded my ‘everyday moments.’ Here are four other story ideas I’ve been considering recording…

  1. Record Your Bookish Story – Readers, you may love this one. I thought it might be fun to take video of all the books I’m reading. I could compile my video monthly (if I were a faster reader), seasonally, or even yearly. If you’re a book blogger you can then use it to do a monthly, seasonally, or yearly recap! Or just compile a video of bookish artistic shorts you’ve taken.
  2. Record Your Fitness Story – I really want to do a compilation of yoga shorts. I’d take daily clips of how my practice was going so that my compilation would show the progress that I’d made over time. You could do this with any type of fitness or sport that you participate in.
  3. Record Your Foodie Story – It’s no secret that food rocks my world. I love growing it, cooking it, and eating it. Wouldn’t it be kind of interesting to use the 1 Second Everyday App to record what you ate for a period of time? Maybe just focus on breakfast if that’s your favorite. I kinda think Betty should do this with her donut adventures.
  4. Record Your Hobby Story – I’m totally going to do this with gardening. Maybe I’ll make it a seasonal thing and record shorts of my garden growth from May through September. I could even focus on just one plant like tomatoes, squash, or the giant sunflowers I like to plant. But whatever your hobby is (knitting, painting, etc.) a compilation of your daily progress would be super cool, don’t ya think?

    Does this app look like something you’d like to try?

    What story would you record?


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