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10 Instagram Story Tips You Need To Know

instagram stories guide

instagramDo you use Instagram? It’s pretty much the only form of social media that I use these days. You can find me at username Bookgirlkim. If you have an Instagram account then you’ve probably already seen Instagram stories, which was unveiled not too long ago. Today I want to share a few tips with you for using this new feature…

Viewing Friends’ Stories:

1. Hold your finger on the story to pause it. I usually have to do this when I can’t read the included text fast enough.

2. Tap on the story to skip it. This is especially handy if you’ve seen the first couple of stories your friend posted but not the last couple and you don’t want to re-watch the entire feed to get to those new stories.

3. Swipe right or left on the story to move to the next friends’ story. Clicked on the wrong story? No problem, swipe to move on.

4. Click on ‘send message’ to respond to the story.

5. Swipe down to exit stories.

Posting Your Own Story:

1. Tap the ‘plus sign’ in the top left corner of your feed to create a story.

2. Tap the white button to take a photo or hold it down to take a video. Note, videos are only one minute long.

3. Tap the settings icon (it looks kind of like a sun) to hide the story from select people and change the message reply options.

4. Tap the pen icon for three different inking options (and multiple color options.) When you use the pen you ‘write’ directly on your image.

5. Tap the Aa icon to type a caption on your image.

It’s really pretty simple and although Instagram stories doesn’t have as many features as Snapchat, I prefer it. Mostly because I frequently use Instagram so Snapchat would be just one more app taking up space on my phone and one more app I have to switch between to post things.

Have you tried Instagram stories yet? Do you like it?

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