4 Things From Kim This Week

How is it already the end of April? This is a strange time of year for me because the classes that I teach at the university are coming to an end and summer semester starts at the beginning of May but my kids summer break doesn’t start until the end of May. It’s just a weird one month overlap that always throws my brain for a loop.

ONE. Heartstopper, Alice Oseman, the graphic novel that I read last year, was adapted to the screen by Netflix. It came out on April 22 and I was already pumped because the trailer had looked sooooo perfect! I wasn’t disappointed. All the feels. 

TWO. Next week I get to go see my favorite singer in concert for the first time ever- Lights! I am very excited. I first came across her back in the MySpace days- before she had been picked up by a record label. I fell in love. Major girl crush. It’s been so fun watching her music and style evolve over the years. Imagine how excited I was when she wrote and illustrated a comic series to go along with her last album! 

THREE. I’ve been playing around with Instagram Reels. Honestly, creating a reel is time consuming but it’s been fun to stretch myself creatively and try something new. 

FOUR. A request: I’ve got four Audible credits burning a hole in my account and I am in desperate need of some really great audiobook recs. Any genre! Drop your faves in the comments. 


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