We’re checking in with you every week and sharing what we’ve been up to. Kim was stocking up on some of her favorite things last week and shared 5 things in her Target shopping cart. So I’m up this week.


ONE+ Last week we decided last minute to trade in some flight miles and hotel points and head to Florida. We’re going to put our house on the market this year and move to some place warmer so we are on a recon mission on the beaches of Florida. We went from single digit temps in the mid-West (missing the latest snow storm) to a “cold snap” of 50s-60s … we were not complaining!

TWO+ I joined a virtual running challenge in January where we were on teams (Zwift Run (free) and the ZLDR group). It was so much fun with bonus missions each week and I ended the month keeping up with running 4x for the week, running a little faster and farther than I could at the start of the month.

THREE+ I had my first “DNF” book of the year this week. After 76 pages, I had to part ways with Goliath, Tochi Onyebuchi. A plot was nowhere in sight and it was making me dread reading. How long do you give a book you don’t like before you give up?

FOUR+ With February being Black History Month in the US, I’m making an annual contribution to United Negro College Fund and supporting my favorite black owned small businesses like Ivy’s Tea (I recommend Nip’s and Blow) and Melanin Apparel. I will also try a few new ones like Golde and Taylor Jay Collection (I have my eye on this Dawn 2 piece set).

FIVE+ The Case For Doing Hard ShitMost people rarely step outside their comfort zones these days — we’re living progressively soft, sterile, temperature-controlled, over-fed, under-challenged, safety-netted lives. And it’s slowly limiting the degree to which we experience our, as the poet Mary Oliver put it, “one wild and precious life.” – Woah – agree or disagree?

Next week I’m back home in the mid-West and I’m excited to return to a routine – is that odd?! But also being excited about something is not to be taken for granted! What were you most excited about this week? Do you think we doing more hard sh$t makes us mentally stronger?


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  1. nylse

    Feb 04

    4 and 5 – I’m checking out those vendors you mentioned. But 5 resonates, I agree. We need to step out and push ourselves. I find that in relationships sometimes one feels this way and the other does not so now you have the additional battle of convincing your partner or maybe you just step out anyway and they come along for the ride. Life is truly interesting.

    PS – I love your blog.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Feb 06

      @nylsr That’s so true about what can happen in relationships!