6 Favorite Book Covers From My Reads This Year

Book covers are the first thing we see of a book – and a gorgeous cover will certainly draw me in and entice me to read more about what the book is really about. Below, you’ll find my favorite book covers from my reads this year. Although … the real question is … are the books as good as their covers?


Boy 21, Matthew Quick; Illustrator/Designer: Josh Cochran. I love the doodles all around the face, which makes it much more interesting. The intensity of the eyes also drew me in. You can read more about the cover story of Boy21 here. [The book was just as good as it’s cover]

Love Minus Eighty

Love Minus Eighty, Will McIntosh; Cover by Orbit Design Team (Kirk Benshoff, Art Director). “The trade paperback is wrapped in a transparent vellum. The vellum itself shows the hand, reaching out to the reader, and the title logo. Remove the vellum and you just see the picture of a young woman underneath, on the actual book cover. Put the two together again and you have the multi-layered image seen to the right.” Far Beyond Reality. [The book was just as good as it’s cover]

The Almost Girl

The Almost Girl, Amalie Howard; Design by Steven Wood. The cover perfectly captures the essence of this sci-fi novel. [The book was just as good as it’s cover]

Mr. Loverman

Mr. Loverman, Bernadine Evaristo. I know this dude! OK – maybe not him personally, but the dapper older (Caribbean) gents like him that ALWAYS have that gold pinky ring and are always looking sharp from head to toe. I LOVE these them and it’s awesome that they finally got featured in an epic book. [The book was just as good as it’s cover]

Ghost Summer

Ghost Summer: Stories, Tananarive Due. The color scheme and the foggy background with the child on the peer looking out are such awesome elements that give me an idea of the creepy stories on the inside. [The book was just as good as it’s cover]

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn. This cover is so simple – maybe too simple, so I kept going back and forth between whether I should include it or not. But ultimately, I like it – I LOVE it’s simplicity and the fact that something so simple can perfectly sum up all the danger present in this book. [The book was just as good as it’s cover]

Which of these book covers do you like the best?


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  1. maria helena

    Jan 11

    These are all gorgeous covers!

  2. Akilah

    Jan 10

    I love Mr. Loverman, but I think you’re right about Sharp Objects. It works.

  3. They are lovely, every single one of them 🙂

  4. Nice picks – I don’t know any of those books, but the covers are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Such great covers! I think my faves of these are Ghost Summer and Boy 21 !