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4 Reading Recommendations To Add Diversity to Your Book Club Reads

Bookish • 4 Comments

One of the Reasons I Stopped Going To Your Book Club is that there is no diversity in the books chosen … “diversity in the true...

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6 Favorite Book Covers From My Reads This Year

Bookish • 6 Comments

Book covers are the first thing we see of a book – and a gorgeous cover will certainly draw me in and entice me to read more about...

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5 Books That Blew My Mind This Year

Bookish • 11 Comments

Y’all I read some amazing books this year. Part 1 of this list was all about My Favorite Audiobook Listens of 2015 – and now...

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3 Books By Authors of Color That Are #WickedGoodReads

Bookish • 5 Comments

One thing I strongly believe in is reading diversely – reading across genres, the familiar, unfamiliar and books written by authors...

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