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6 Reasons I Stopped Going to Your Book Club

book clubBooks clubs are a great way to connect with other readers and friends. This only works if you find a book club that truly fits your reading and social style. Otherwise it just ends up being a hassle. We realized awhile ago that both of us had quit going to our book clubs in the last year and started thinking about why some book clubs just don’t work out…

1. They never read books I’m interested in.
There’s really no point in joining a group that doesn’t read what you like to read. It’s great if you love the members of your book club but it becomes a drudgery if you feel obligated to read books you have no interest in reading.

2. There’s no diversity in the books chosen.
We know there are some readers who really only enjoy reading romance or contemporary, but I am not one of them. I need variety when it comes to my books. And diversity in the true sense of the word is what really sparks those fantastic discussions at book club anyway! What is more fascinating than discussing how different we all are?

3. I don’t have anything in common with most of the people who go.
There’s only so much connecting you can do through a book discussion. It’s important to have other things in common with your book club mates because that’s when a strong club tie really forms.

4. You talk about books and nothing else.
Typically a great book club will include conversation about other interests, outside of books. Sometimes the only time you see book club members is at book club, so it’s fun to catch up on the latest with each other. Book clubs are so much more enjoyable and interesting when there’s a bit of chit chat/laughing about life in general. It’s a great way to set the tone for a fun night.

5. You poo-poo audiobooks.
Everyone in book club has a life outside of the club, right? Our lives are busy enough that sometimes the only way books get read is by listening to audiobooks. And honestly, audiobooks can spark a whole new set of discussion questions if you talk about narration, pace, and plot interpretation.

6. You don’t make it fun and interesting.
No one wants their book club meetings to feel like sitting through a boring lecture, right? We love book clubs that pair something else with their meetings like wine, dinner, or even crafting. You even start a book club that read books and then watched the movies made from them. Get creative!

Are you part of a book club? What makes it unique and fun?

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