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Kim has been holding it down all October for with lots #WickedGoodReads while I figured out my new schedule and now hour-long commute + travel 2-3x / month! I haven’t posted, but have been lurking all over the interwebs, so here’s a look at some interesting things I read/ saw / thought / did this week.

1. What would be on your list of The Best Books That Scarred Us For Life? For me – it would be all the old Stephen King and Dean. R. Koontz books!

2. I bookmarked 11 Award-Winning Horror Novels to Read for Halloween. I’ve read the first 3 books and will try to slowly work my way through the rest.

3. I could relate to almost all the 20 Things You’ll Relate to If You’ve Read a Book in One Sitting.

4. I’m strictly a hobby blogger with no plans to go pro, but 4 Things You Must Do First to Make Money from Your Blog has the best advice I’ve seen to date if you want to make some $$ from your hobby.

5. What makes you WANT to read a book blog? For me, it boils down to bloggers that have a certain style that resonates with me – even if it’s totally different from mine.

6. Why I schedule my blog posts in advance – this used to be me!

7. I’ve been struggling lately with developing a morning routine – since starting a new, very different role, at my job. Reading How a Meaningful Morning Routine Can Set The Stage for Financial, Professional, and Personal Success helped me figure out a plan for how to be successful in incorporating work + personal + fitness.

The next thing that helped was hearing 2 new friends say they wake up at 4:15AM every morning, and they are at the gym when it opens at 4:45 … AM! Every weekday, 6AM on the weekend. Inspiring as hell!

Do you have any morning or evening routines?

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  1. Thank you for such kind words Tanya, I really appreciate them! Great list too, I really need t get my morning routine worked out too. Gonna read #7 tonight!