#AMonthofFaves Book Covers

We truly enjoy the entire reading experience – from picking out books to appreciating seeing it in print, listening to audiobooks and looking back through our favorite book covers. Here’s what we found the most memorable this year.


Most Memorable – Akata Woman, Nnedi Okorafor

akata woman

Cover Artist is Greg Ruth and designer is Jim Hoover. In Akata Woman and the rest of the series, the main character, Sunny, is Albino (i.e. has no skin pigmentation). The author mentions how much she gets teased / hated on for this condition, which mirrors what happens in real life. I loved that the covers actually depicts the main character and that it stays true to the Afro hairstyle, plus the other little elements that tells you without telling you that there’s something “otherworldly” about the story you’re about to read.

The Creepiest Cover – Nothing But Blackened Teeth, Cassandra Khaw

nothing but blackened teeth

Cover art by Samuel Araya and design by Peter Lutjen. This is a novella with a creepy AF cover that promises a nightmarish book. But unfortunately, the books is just an OK read – if it had been any longer, I probably wouldn’t recommend it. I recommend getting the eBook to make it easy to look up the meaning of words – there will probably be many that you don’t know if you’re not familiar with Japanese culture (and I’m not saying this as a bad thing). Second – the author made this story so bogged down with unnecessary “big” words and ridiculous similies. It really almost made the book confusing. There were elements of a good horror story, but at the end it felt a little amateurish in it’s obvious attempt to be clever. But definitely 5 stars for the creepy AF cover.

Honorable Mention – Take a Hint, Dani Brown, Talia Hibbert

take a hint dani brown

Love the bold color choice which is eye catching, and the choice of a graphic illustration showing the couple, Zafir carrying Dani in his arms. To me, that shows this book is a little romance + some drama.

Honorable Mention – One of Us is Next, Karen McManus

One of Us is next

How can you not be drawn into this book because of the cover? The faces being sprayed out with red just tells me some shit went down and I want to know about it.

What were some of your favorite book covers from your reading journey this year?


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