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#AMonthofFaves On Our Holiday Wishlist

Welcome to #AMonthofFaves [The 2018 Edition] hosted by Girlxoxo, Traveling with T and Estella’s Revenge. Today we’re sharing our holiday wishlist.


At the top of my wishlist this year was for my husband to finish our basement. I’m very happy to report that my wishlist has been fulfilled and we’ll be celebrating Christmas in our new basement family room! Other than that, I don’t really need anything, but if I was to make another wishlist, this is what I’d add…

+ GLDNxLayeredAndLong Disc Initial Necklace – I’ve wanted a disc necklace with my kids initials on it for so long. I should just bite the bullet and sneak one into my stocking this year. I really love how many pretty options there are through this Etsy shop.

+ Clothing Patterns – I’ve resurrected my love for sewing and now I can’t get enough of all the patterns. I recently purchased a super simple sweatshirt pattern with plans to change it up in several different ways. First up- add ruffles to the front shoulder seams and maybe next draft I’ll add elbow patches.

+ The Ordinary Skin Regime – I’ve been hearing the most amazing reviews about these facial products from people I really trust. It’s my goal to get my skin care regime nailed down in 2019.


I really don’t have anything that I’m desperately hoping for this Christmas, so I thought I would share what’s on my 6 year old niece’s wish-list. Her Santa letter has …

Santa Letter Niece

+ Barbie Doll House … still as popular as ever

+ Colour change “nail” polish … interesting

+ LOL Big Surprise … they didn’t have LOL dolls when I was a kid

+ 10 “swimsuits” … she’s taking swimming lessons (and lives on an Island in the Caribbean)

Santa Letter

+ A “Motor” Scooter … at 6?!

+ Art Canvas

+ Jojo “Clothes” … I had no idea what these were when I first got the list … Jojo Siwa

+ 100 LOL Under Wrap … she was into LOL dolls 2 years ago too.

+ 10 JoJo Blanket

What are you wishing for this Christmas? If you’re participating in #AMonthofFaves [The 2018 Edition] link up to your blog post (or Instagram picture) below.

(Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash)


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