Organizing Solutions for Over-sized Kitchen Silverware Drawers

I recently read somewhere about how we sometimes live with small annoying things for a long time before actually doing something about it. That stuck with me because as a relatively new homeowner – 1 year (plus a few months) in – there’s a long list of small, but nagging things that I’d like to fix. So I’m committing to a small step of doing a small simple project each month … and this month, it was organizing our silverware drawers.

Organizing an Oversized Silverware Drawer

The situation: My silverware drawer is about 19in wide x 19.5in in length. When we moved, I dropped our 10in wide silverware organizer in there. The result was a hot mess that we lived with for over a year. Why … I guess it just didn’t bother us enough to do anything about it.

Silverware Drawer (Too Small)

Are there any situations or relationships in your life where you’re just going with the flow even though you know something isn’t right? I’m probably the queen of procrastination, so it’s not surprising that I tolerated this for so long – but you know what, sometimes, you just have to get at it! Get ‘er done – which is one of my favorite sayings.

The solution: It took less than 10 minutes of research for me that they sell expandable silverware organizers and I ended up getting the expandable Bamboo Organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Bamboo Silverware Organizer

It took less than 10 minutes to swap out the old organizer for this new one, which fit perfectly in the drawer! Sometimes, it just takes turning our attention to a problem, spending sometime marinating on it – and the solution turns out to be something simple and easy. Not all the time … but sometimes – and I’ll take that.

The organizer was a little shorter in length than the actual drawer, so every time I closed and opened it, the organizer would shift to the top. Rather than let this problem stay unresolved, I just added 2 Scotch Removable (Two Sided) Dots and stuck the organizer tray to the inside of the drawer. Problem solved – and lesson learned – take care of things immediately if you can.

For my other kitchen drawer, where we keep spatulas and large spoons – which had no organization – I lined the drawer with Con-Tact Grip Non-Adhesive Ultra Shelf and Drawer Liner and used 2 standalone drawers side by side, and one across the top.

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

So I’m taking this small win  … because there will be tougher problems in the future … in life, in relationships and at home. But today … today I freaking won! Problem solved. Feeling accomplished.

What was your last small (or not so small) win?


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