Favorite New to Me Author Discovery This Year #AMonthofFaves

One of my favorite new-to-me author discoveries this year has been Susan Hill.

Although Hill is best known for The Woman in Black, that’s not the book that introduced me to her writing. I was looking for an audiobook that was available to read immediately, and I came across the first book in her Simon Serrailler series, The Various Haunts of Men. The summary looked interesting, and within minutes of starting to listen to it, I was hooked. The story was phenomenal, as was the audiobook narration by Steven Pacey. I wanted more, and I wanted it on audio.

The 2nd book in the series wasn’t available on audio, but I decided to go ahead and listen to the 3rd book in the series, The Risk of Darkness. Again, Hill hit it out the park with this one. The characters continue in this series, and it feels like I know them, and I’m totally immersed in their World when I’m reading. The books are emotional with laughs and tears.

I plan on continuing with the series, and reading Hill’s more well known novels as well.

Who is your favorite new author discovery?

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  1. Andi

    Dec 10

    I haven’t read Susan Hill yet, but I have a copy of The Small Hand around here somewhere. Something else for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks in 2016!

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 12

      @Andi for sure! I’ll be reading more of Hill next year too.

  2. Good one! I really enjoy her books, too! LOved the Woman in Black and her book on reading. Had to return the first one in her mystery series to the library before I could finish it, but I will definitely get back to it.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 12

      @Bina I have to read The Woman in Black. I’ve watched the movie though and it was so creepy.

  3. I’ve seen Susan Hill’s book on the shelf at the library when I’m shelf-reading and always wondered about them. Maybe now I’ll have to give them a try.

    • Tanya Patrice

      Dec 12

      @Bryan oh please pick up her books. I think you’ll really enjoy the 1st book in the series.

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