Functional #PlanWithMe December 2021

Hello December! As we move into the final month of this year, what’s on my mind is enjoying time with my family visiting for the holidays, not stressing about making everything perfect and putting too much pressure on myself, plus assessing 2021 (I’m the type of person who doesn’t like looking backwards) and thinking about what I want in 2022.

Looking Back – November

Covid booster shot done! No significant side effects other than some lethargy. I’ve always wanted to run in the different states that I travel to and in November I finally started doing it by running in California (UC Davis Arboretum) and New Orleans (Mississippi Trail). I also ran a 5K “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving morning.

Mississippi River – New Orleans LA – Nov. 2021
Art Installation (of Shovels) at UC Davis Arboretum – Nov. 2021

December Focus

Just hold it together – 3 weeks // traveling for work each week – followed by my parents and brother’s family coming for 3 weeks – so my goal is to just keep everyone fed properly, entertained and happy. I’m not going to make any additional plans or focus on anything else.

TBD – Make some concrete plans for my family’s visit. I have some ideas, but haven’t committed to the dates / made arrangements.

TBD Goal planning for 2022

Appointments, Holidays & Events

Santa 5K Run, son’s college swim meet, My birthday, my family visiting for the holidays and Christmas. Going Places: For work – Oregon (rescheduled from November); Nevada and New Mexico. To son’s swim meet – Michigan. I’m prepped and ready to go with arrangements confirmed.

For my birthday on the 14th I always ask for the same thing – a day of peace & freedom from doing anything. I want my family to bring me breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks while I stay in bed all day, eat, read and watch bad tv! But this year, I will be away for work so I plan to do a birthday run in another state.


The Christmas Edit 2020

I did about some of the prep work for the Christmas season in November. Lights are up outside and I wanted to have inside decorated the weekend after Thanskgiving – but that didn’t happen, and with travels – I have no idea when it will get done.

  • TBD – Buy a “real tree” & get Christmas decor up.
  • TBD – bathroom tiled & re-grouted – everyone is booked out, but our guy is supposed to come by mid-month. Here’s hoping he shows up. Chimney cleaning is already scheduled for January.


Family Room Christmas Tree

All car music stations are now on the Christmas music channel. Christmas movie watching has begun. Hot chocolate mix has been procured. Califia Farms Dairy-Free Almondmilk Holiday Nog has been purchased (to try). Bailey’s Irish Cream has also been sought out. All Christmas gifts have already purchased, wrapped and stashed for my mom, niece and nephew.

TBD – Order the remaining gifts for my sis-in-law, hubs, dad, brother and 2 sons. I already know what I’m getting everyone.


There is just too much going on for me to have any sort of reading goal this month. I’m currently listening to the audiobook of A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas after listening to the first book in the series last month. I’ve given up on doing anything too structured for the rest of the year so I have no idea what book I’ll choose to read next.

Exercise | Workouts | Fitness

  • Running gets an A+ – getting in 4 runs each week which is my goal. I run inside on the treadmill Monday and Friday and outside Wednesday & Saturdays. Even though the temps have been in the 30s, I’ve still kept up with being outside – which is new for me! December is the last month of the Garmin 10K program I’ve been following.
  • Weights – B+. I ‘ve done a weights workout 3-4x/week in the mornings (most of the time) – Thanksgiving week was a bit of a bust (hence the B rating).
  • Cycling – C. I’ve lost my mojo for cycling (indoors) – I still do it 1-3x but I’m never really in the mood to get it done. I won’t be able to ride much during the next 3 weeks (due to travel) but I’m going to aim to get it done on the days I’m home – even if it’s just 30 minutes.


A Month of Faves
  • We’ve posted a schedule of topics for #AMonthofFaves – and I will be back to regular blogging this month. We’ll also be constantly updating The 2022 Master List of Reading Challenges throughout December
  • TBD – Actually write all the posts for December
  • TBD – Plan out our January schedule (with Kim)

And that’s it for planning for December. It’s going to be a busy month! Are you hosting for the holidays? How do you de-stress? See more of this type in our Plan with Me section.


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