Girlxoxo Recommends : High Road Car Organizer

I’m usually a pretty neat person, and that includes my car, but lately I find that my car is in a constant state of disarray. Between toys, snacks, hiking gear, picnic blankets, and a bunch of other stuff you find yourself toting around when you become a mom, my car looks like a bomb went off. This High Road Car Organizer has changed the game for me…

Price: $28.99 @ Amazon

How I Got It: I saw it recommended on a blog and ordered it from Amazon.

How I Use It: So many ways! For every day use I pack a change of clothes for my son, sunscreen, water bottles, activities/books for my son, snacks, first aid stuff, and the list goes on and on. When we road trip I use this specifically as a place to pack games and toys for my son. When we day trip to the park or splash pad I pack everything that we’ll need for our outing and then attach the shoulder strap so I can just grab it and go when we get to the park. It’s perfect!

Cool Features: The lid flips over so the top can be used as a makeshift table. The organizer is also insulated and can double as a cooler/picnic tote (it has a shoulder strap for carrying around.)

Pros: The inside has movable dividers so I can divide the space for whatever I’m packing in there. For example, I’ll put our swim stuff in one section, snacks and drinks in another, and sand toys in the final section for when we’re headed to the beach. The outside has several pockets for holding water bottles and other supplies.

Cons: This isn’t really a fault of the organizer but rather a growing pain. My son can’t reach all of the compartments from his carseat so I still have to help him get some things out. This can be a bit of a pain, but it is also a plus, because I can put snacks that I don’t want him to have just yet in the out-of-reach pockets and get them for him when I want him to have them. Plus, once he moves to a booster seat he’ll be able to reach it all just fine.

Overall Thoughts: I love how versatile the organizer is. It’s perfect for every day use but also can hold a ton of stuff for road tripping.

How do you keep your car organized?


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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Mar 23

    THis is awesome! Looks like it’s perfect for summer when you can just store beach stuff – we go a lake about once / wk.

    • Such a simple thing that has been a total game changer!