July #BookBlogger Events

July Book Blogger Events

One of the most awesome things about the book blogging community is all the events that you can participate in. Here are a few that you can join in July.

July #BookBlogger Events

July 1-31. Paris In July. Blog about your travels to France (virtual or real) – your reading, new discoveries – anything. There will be a link-up each week.

July 17-30. High Summer Readathon. Just read, read, and read some more. Read when you can for as long as you can – whatever you want for #HSReadathon

Juky 22-23. #24in48 July Readathon. Participants read for 24 hours out of that 48-hour period.

July 29 – 30. Christmas in July Readathon. Get an early dose of the holiday season.

Ongoing …

May 26 – Sep. 4. 2017 Big Book Summer Reading Challenge. How many 400+ page books can you read from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I look forward to this challenge every year!

Jun. 1 – Aug. 31. BookBub’s Summer Reading Challenge. 12 weeks 12 categories. 12 books … that’s just Level 1. Level 2 & 3 require you read 2 or 3 books for each category.

Jun. 1 – Sep. 3. 20 Books of Summer. You can participate in this challenge by choosing your own – 10, 15 or 20 – books to read this summer. Make a list, and link back to the original post. Then hashtag the hell out of your progress #20booksofsummer.

Jun. 3- Sep. 3. – Summer Reading Challenge. There are 10 categories + a bonus one. Do as many as you can.

Which challenges will you be doing?


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  1. Sue Jackson

    Jul 03

    So many fun bookish stuff going on!!

    Thanks for including the Big Book Summer Challenge! I hope you’re going to join the fun this summer!


    2017 Big Book Summer Challenge