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Let’s Talk Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

Well, here we are again, rounding the corner to another great finishing of the Monthly Motif Reading Challenge. I hope you enjoyed participating and I hope you’ll take a minute to comment on this post and give me some feedback…I’d really like to breath some new excitement and life into this challenge for 2018. I’m looking for better ways to connect with you guys as participants and would love to hear your thoughts.

MOTIFS :: Did you like the chosen motifs? Which were the hardest for you and why? Which was your favorite?  What new motif would you suggest for 2018?

CHECK IN POSTS :: Did you find our monthly check in posts with linked reading suggestions helpful? Did you like checking in this way?

SOCIAL MEDIA :: Do you use any other form of social media that you would consider posting your monthly book selection to? I’d like to see participants doing this using a #monthlymotif hashtag on Instagram or Twitter. What do you think? Would you like updates from us on social media throughout the challenge?

OVERALL FEEDBACK :: Last, but not least, I’d love to read your overall thoughts, complaints, ideas, etc. on this challenge. I started the Monthly Motif in 2013 and it’s been a lot of fun to host. We’d like to continue hosting it each year, but only if we’re all having fun with it still!

Please, take a minute to let us know your thoughts on the Monthly Motif Challenge and thanks so much for your feedback!

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