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Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge [February Check In]

Welcome to February, the second month of the 2020 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge! Just a reminder that we’ve created a Goodreads GXO Reading Challenge group where you can ask for book suggestions and post your challenge progress. We’re doing our best to get around to all of your posts on Instagram, Goodreads, and your blog.

Here are your challenge words for this month:

Girl, Any, Love, Red, Note, Throne

Our top suggestion for this month:

The Girl With All The Gifts, M.R. Carey


  • Your task is to read at least 1 book for any of the keywords
  • Post about what you’ve read anywhere online – your blog, Goodreads and / or social media using the hashtag #MonthlyKeyWordGXO
  • Come back to our check-in here in the comments leave a link and/or tell us which book(s) you read and what you thought.

If you have any other book suggestions please drop them in the comments. Also- we’d love to know which book you picked for this month!

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