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Monthly Motif Reading Challenge Wrap Up

It’s been a great year of reading through our Monthly Motif reading challenge prompts. We hope you enjoyed the challenge and will join in recapping the highlights with us.

Favorite Motif

So many of you said your favorite motif was August (Seasons, Elements, and Weather) which really surprised and delighted me! My favorite was and is usually always September (Creepy, Chilling, and Frightful). I love all the creepy reading I get done leading up to Halloween. This year I read Edgar Cantero, Meddling Kids and really enjoyed- though not as much as his Supernatural Enhancements.

Least Favorite Motif

So, not actually my least favorite motif but I didn’t finish anything in June (Destination Unknown) or July (Believe the Unbelievable.) Honestly, this had more to do with life events than the challenge itself.

Motif With the Most Participants

We had the most participants for the February Motif (Undercover Thriller). This doesn’t surprise me at all. Lots of readers start the year strong but then drop off somewhere along the line (myself included). The month that came in second for most participants -half as many as February- was June (Destination Unknown).

Thrillers by Female Authors

Motif With the Least Participants

The least amount of participants was actually December (Last Chance) although I suspect that a lot of you haven’t linked up, so that’s not quite fair. Coming in second for least amount of participants is September (Creepy, Chilling, & Frightful).

Best Thing That Came Out of Participating

  • We discovered some great new blogs to read among the participants and made new connections with readers on Goodreads.
  • The motifs helped to push us out of our comfort zones and read a wide range of books.

Goals for Next Year

  • Engage with participants more to keep them going strong in the challenge all year long.
  • Add the participation linky so it’s easier for everyone to link up their reviews.
  • Provide more recommendations for our participants based on each motif all year long.
  • Use social media to talk about the challenge and engage with participants (I didn’t do this at all in 2017).

How would you recap the challenge? What goals do you have for next year?


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