October = #WickedGoodReads (Join Us)

Every October here on GXO we host #WickedGoodReads Month where we post about books with wicked people, wicked creatures, wicked places and dangerous things and we’re inviting you to join us as we post M, W and F – from October 5-30, 2020. Here’s what we’ll be writing about.



  • M5 – Murder (or Mystery), Monsters and Madness
  • W7 – Psychological Thrillers
  • F9 – Predators and Prey – Cat and mouse thrillers
  • M12 – Ghostly Good Deeds – Ghost stories where the ghosts weren’t all bad
  • W14 – Science Experiments Gone Wrong
  • F16 – This Is How the World Ends
  • M19 – Keyword Connect
  • W21 – Everything is not always what it seems
  • F23 – Cover Love – Our favorite #WickedGoodReads Covers
  • M26 – This Is Halloween or Non-scary Halloween reads
  • W28 – October Favorites
  • F30 – Booked Out [October] – Reading recap

Join us for any or all of the topics above and tell us what you’ve read – or what you will be reading.


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  1. Tanya Patrice

    Sep 29

    @Monika – Thanks so much! It’s been a hard year for reading and challenges. I’ve been a bit streaky but hanging on by the toenails 🙂

  2. I haven’t been doing many, hardly any, challenges this year because I just haven’t mustered the energy. But I want to tell you, I love the creativity you have and it’s nice to know that when I’m looking for a fun bookish event, this is the place to come to. 🙂

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