I’ve been intentionally keeping the list of books on my reading list small since I’m such a mood reader and sometimes it feels like the minute I mention a book, I no longer want to read it! In January, I shared 2022 New Releases on Our Radar (Part 1- First Half of the Year), of which I’ve read 2 and am currently on the 3rd. Here are some of the books I plan to read this Spring – new and older releases.


People Person, Candace Carty-Williams

I fell in love with the author’s first novel, Queenie (one of 6 Debut Novels We Recommended this year) and I can’t wait to read her next which comes out on April 28, 2022.

Dimple Pennington knew of her half siblings, but she didn’t really know them. Five people who don’t have anything in common except for faint memories of being driven through Brixton in their dad’s gold jeep, and some pretty complex abandonment issues. Dimple has never felt more alone in her life. That is, until a dramatic event brings her half siblings Nikisha, Danny, Lizzie and Prynce crashing back into her life. And when they’re all forced to reconnect with Cyril Pennington, the absent father they never really knew, things get even more complicated.

Upgrade, Blake Crouch

I don’t read a lot of science fiction, but the books I’ve read by Blake Crouch (Recursion and Dark Matter) have been so good that I like to keep up with the author’s publications.

Logan wakes up to find himself in a hospital bed, attended by doctors in their own hazmat suits, his wife and daughter looking on from behind the glass. The doctors say he’s been infected by a virus–one designed not to make him sick, but to modify his very genetic structure. In a world where the next-generation gene-editing tool known as Scythe is widely available–and has already reaped disastrous consequences–the possibilities are too many and terrifying to count.

The Library of the Dead (Edinburgh Nights #1), T.L. Huchu

The Alex Awards is one of my favorite sources to find books to read. I try to read a few of the winners each year, and The Library of the Dead caught my eye.

Ropa dropped out of school to become a ghostalker. Now she speaks to Edinburgh’s dead, carrying messages to the living. A girl’s gotta earn a living, and it seems harmless enough. Until, that is, the dead whisper that someone’s bewitching children–leaving them husks, empty of joy and life. It’s on Ropa’s patch, so she feels honor-bound to investigate. But what she learns will change her world.

Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments (Edinburgh Nights #2), T.L. Huchu

I’m going out on a limb and just putting the 2nd book in the series on my reading list … I already requested and received an advanced reader copy!

Ropa Moyo’s ghostalking practice has tanked, desperate for money to pay bills and look after her family she reluctantly accepts a job to look into the history of a coma patient receiving treatment at the magical private hospital Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments. The patient is a teenage schoolboy called Max Wu, and healers at the hospital are baffled by the illness which has confounded medicine and magic.

City of the Lost, Kelley Armstrong

I was first introduced to the author through the Otherworld series and have been meaning to come back and read more from her for a while. City of the Lost is a completely different series – no supernatural elements that I can tell – but it sounds like an interesting thriller, and will work for May’s Key Word Reading Challenge.

Casey Duncan is a homicide detective with a secret: when she was in college, she killed the grandson of a mobster and she knows that someday this crime will catch up to her. Casey’s best friend, Diana, is on the run from a violent, abusive ex-husband. Diana has heard of a town made for people like her, a town that takes in people on the run who want to shed their old lives. You must apply to live in Rockton and as a murderer, Casey isn’t a good candidate, but she has something they want: She’s a homicide detective, and Rockton has just had its first real murder.

Those are the main books I hope to read this Spring – although you know that there’s always more! Have you read any books by the authors mentioned above? What’s one new release you’re looking forward to reading soon?

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  1. Kim says:

    I’m really excited to read Upgrade too. Library of the Dead looks like a fun one too.

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