What’s on your computer and phone screen? What’s your desktop look like – is it time for a Tech spring clean? Here’s how ours are looking as we change them this Spring.

Tanya … It’s technically Spring, but here in the Mid-West, it’s cold asf … and there was just an ice / rain / snow storm. Truly bizarre. So, what’s a girl to do? Until I can move, I’ll content myself with making sure that the screens I look at everyday – bring out the joy and positivity … ya-know – to counteract the bitterness at it still being cold.

Spring Desktop

On my personal laptop is a wallpaper from Smashing Magazine April Wallpapers. I chose this screen because after a long mid-west winter, I’m usually in a funky mood. This cute wallpaper is a daily reminder to … bee happy!

My work laptop is also personalized with this photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash. It reminds me to work, yet still is a little playful.

Neither screens have many icons – I like mine clutter free, and live by these 8 Tips for (K)eeping An Organized Computer Deskptop Screen.

Spring Mobile Phone Screen

It’s all playful – I can’t remember where I found this cupcake wallpaper, but it brings me pleasure … and is a conversation starter.

I recently upgraded to a Motorola G5S+ (from the Motorola G4) and only have one screen, and I’m using the Neat Calendar widget at the top to display the date and time.  Click on the date, and the calendar will pop open.

There are 2 rows of icons at the bottom. The lowest row has icons for phone, test messages, app drawer, What’s App and Camera. The row above it has 4 icon groups for Google apps, Play, Social and Travel.

Play ->Amazon Kindle, Feedly, Overdrive, Candy Crush, Words 2, Audible and Fit Radio.

Social -> Photos, Instagram, Facebook and PlayMemories (app that transfers photos wirelessly from my camera to phone)

Travel -> United Airlines, Hilton Honors, TripIt and TripSource (I’m still trying to love TripIt … but don’t).

Kim… I’ve been channeling Spring for a long time through my computer wallpapers.  Winter wasn’t especially harsh for us this year but I have missed my gardens.

Spring Desktop

I got a new laptop for Christmas this year so I’ve been playing around with customizing it the way I like. First thing was to set a new background. I’ve really loved Justine Celina’s Digital Blooms collection and just switched over to the April one.

How often do you change out your tech screens?

(Header Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash)


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  1. Thank you so much for including our Digital Blooms! I love to see them in action and am so happy you’re enjoying them.

  2. Resh

    Apr 22

    The spring mobile screens definitely look inviting.