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A Few Reading Firsts For 2021

Bookish • 7 Comments

For the past 2 years around this time, we’ve shared A Few Reading Firsts as a way to look back and see what books moved us (in a good...

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Keyword Connect [Shadow]

Bookish • One Comment

Pick any of the keywords for this month from the Monthly Keyword Challenge and make connections. This month choices are Haunt, Around,...

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Another 3 #WickedGoodReads That Prove You Can’t Always Trust The People Close to You


October is #WickedGoodReads Month here at GXO headquarters and this week, we’re focusing on books with books with #wickedpeople. This...

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(A)udiobooks Currently on Hold at the Library #SummerAtoZ

Bookish • 2 Comments

What books do you have in your library cue? June is Audiobook Month and #iloveaudiobooks …. there’s always one going. The...

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4 More Books With Crazy Weird Apocalyptic Events

Bookish • 4 Comments

Last month I wrote about 4 Books With Crazy Weird Apocalyptic Events, and of course – I wanted to read more! Here are 4 MORE books...

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