Keyword Connect [Shadow]

Pick any of the keywords for this month from the Monthly Keyword Challenge and make connections. This month choices are Haunt, Around, Shadow, Grave, Murder, Deep. My choice – SHADOW.

Night Shadow (Book)

1 – SHADOW. For the October Key Word Challenge, I decided to read Night Shadow, Nora Roberts which has the keyword SHADOW. A solitary figure shrouded in black walks the night, determined to awaken a terrified metropolis from the nightmare of crime. Deborah O’Roarke, an idealistic young prosecutor waging her own war against crime, owed “Nemesis” her very life. She shared his passion for justice, yet she could not accept his lawless methods. Still, though she fought her unwelcome desire for this disturbing stranger, she was unable to deny her longing to share the shadows that were his home.

2 – QUICK READSNight Shadow was an unusual choice for me because I don’t typically read romance novels. But this month I was on the edge of a reading slump, and as I knew I needed a short audiobook to get through this challenge. A short and compelling novel is one of the 4 Types of Books for Zapping a Reading Slump.

3 – SERIES – Another type of book that can get you out of your reading slump is “series finishers.” Which of your favorite series are you up to date with the books? This year, I started and finished the Winternight Trilogy, Katherine Arden. When I read the first book, The Bear and the Nightingale, it was so good that I just had to get to all the books as fast as possible.

4 – ANIMALS IN THE TITLE – This book would have been a good choice for our August Monthly Motif Reading Challenge which was “Creature Feature.” Another good choice would be Bird Box, Josh Malerman. “Something is out there, something terrifying that must not be seen. One glimpse of it, and a person is driven to deadly violence. No one knows what it is or where it came from.

5 – WEIRD APOCALYPSE – We put Bird Box on our list of 4 More Books With Crazy Weird Apocalyptic Events … something that makes you go blind if you see it … but we don’t know what that “it” is! Another book that made that list is Zoo, James Patterson … because all over the World animals are attacking people, and no one knows why. Coincidentally, both of these books have been adapted to the screen. Bird Box became a movie, and Zoo, a tv series. Have you watched either one?

There you have it – my 5 connections for this month keyword connect – Shadow, Quick Reads, Series, Animals in the Title  and Weird Apocalypse. Have you read any of these books or other books by these authors?


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  1. I’m diggin’ the weird apocalypse section. I didn’t realize Bird Box was a book! (And I haven’t seen it, so I’ll probably end up reading it first.) Zoo sounds pretty good, too. Going to check out that post.