October is #WickedGoodReads Month [The 2022 Edition]

Heads up! It’s #WickedGoodReads Month in just a few short weeks. Every October, we talk about books with Wicked People & Creatures, Dangerous Places & Things.


We shared our #WickedGoodReads Bingo Card earlier this year, so we’ll update you on our progress – if either of us made “Bingo”.

wicked good reads bingo

Our theme as mentioned before – Wicked People & Creatures, Dangerous Places & Things. Some past posts include:-

Wicked People & Creatures

cat-and-mouse thrillers

Dangerous Places & Things

haunted forest tour

We look forward to this event every year and will be posting more books that are psychological thrillers, murder mysteries, horror, weird and everything that is creepy, crazy and in between.


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