We do a #WickedGoodReads event here on GXO every October where we dish on books with wicked people and creatures, dangerous places and things.

wicked good reads bingo tracker

This year, we’re throwing a bookish BINGO into the mix – where we (and you if you wish) will attempt to get at least one of the VERTICAL blocks on the #WickedGoodReads Bingo Card shown below.

wicked good reads bingo

The columns represent different themes –

  • On the Cover on in the Title – Blood, Murder Weapon, Grave, Creepy Cover, Night in the Title
  • Locations – Island, Haunted House, City, Small Town or Woods
  • Age ain’t nothin’ but a number – New, Old, “Free Space”, Popular, Young Adult
  • Creatures – Ghosts, Zombies, Werewolf, Vampires, Witches
  • Kill Me with It – One Word Title, Award Winner, Psychological Thriller, Serial Killer, Animal Friend or Foe

Again – for this Bingo Card – you only “win” if you do it veritcally. But heck, we might go rogue and do it horizontally or diagonally … because … that would be wicked – and that’s what we’re about! During October, we’ll check back in and show how we did and what we read.

wickedgoodreadsbingo tracker

Will you join us in October and share your #WickedGoodReads Bingo progress … or even share your favorite #WickedGoodReads?

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5 Replies to “#WickedGoodReads Bingo Card”

  1. Randi says:

    I’m in! I’ll have to see where the books I read fit.

  2. Kim says:

    Now I have to make the tough decision of which column I’m gonna go for!!

  3. Gilda says:

    I’m in! Not sure how well I’ll do, but will definitely give it a go.

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