9 Things This Week [40]

How has your week been?! It’s been wonderfully cool Fall mornings in Florida and I’ve been getting out for a walk most days. Here’s a few things that caught my eye this week.

Fall Vase

ONE+ We kicked off #WickedGoodReads here on GXO with a look at some reading recommendations for our #WickedGoodReads Bingo CardBooks with BLOOD on the Cover or in the Title and 3 Award Winning Horror Books We Love.

TWO+ It’s cozy season (almost) an I’m grumpily going into Fall because #iheartsummer. What will make me feel better is tons of cozy reads. There’s so many recommendations in this twitter thread – “Twitter, give me your coziest book recs. + Book Club Picks for Fall 2022 and The Best Fall Books to Keep You Cozy This Autumn. Not to mention 90+ Fantastic New Fall 2022 Book Releases and 30 of the Buzziest, Best Fall Books of 2022.

THREE+ My energy levels have been an issue for the past few years and I have to actively manage it with supplements and what I eat. This video on 5 Ways to Manage Your Energy To Get Things Done is pretty awesome. “Different energy levels for different people at different times of the day – and it can change from season to season, age, lifestyle etc. Pay attention to yourself and patterns and adjust when necessary. Just because that’s the way you were when you were in college or a kid doesn’t mean that’s how you are still.”

FOUR+ We’ve been eating out perhaps too much lately … and it’s always the same places, so happy to see a few restaurants withing an hour’s distance from me on Bon Appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurants 2022.

FIVE+ I’m still playing daily Wordle and Quordle and recently added Waffle to the mix. Are you doing any of these?

SIX+ There’s only a few things I can make in the Instant Pot … years after I bought it. This week I added hard boiled eggs to my repertoire. game changer! I followed this “recipe” … which is basically – set it to high pressure and cook for 5 minutes. So easy!!

SEVEN+ I mentioned in my last check-in that we bought a house. We moved in over the weekend and I’m in full nesting mode. There’s rosemary growing in the side garden and I cut a sprig and made Lemon Rosemary Salmon. Using something from your own garden makes food taste that much better!

EIGHT+ I also finished watching all 3 seasons of Succession – I ended up really liking it. Then I watched Extraordinary Attorney Woo – also really good, and now I’m the mood for something atmospheric and dark, Not sure what I’ll be binging yet though. Any recommendations?

NINE+ If you’re planning any big purchases from Amazon, they are doing an Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale on Oct. 11-12.


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  1. Bev

    Oct 07

    Happy new home! I love wordle and now waffle. Will check out info on increasing my energy. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, congratulations on the new house! An herb garden sounds so lovely. My husband and I have just bought our first house and move in next week, so we’re excited to start nesting as well 🙂