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#AMonthofFaves The Best Books We Read This Year [The 2018 Edition]

Favorites • 3 Comments

Today we’re recapping the best of the best from our 2018 reads and telling you why they made our list. We’d love to hear if...

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The End (Z)one {An End of 2017 Reading List}

Bookish • 10 Comments

This has been an incredibly slow reading year for me but I really want to try and finish strong and then pick up the pace in 2018…...

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3 Of Our Favorite (A)udiobook Narrators

Bookish • 2 Comments

We’ve written about our love of audiobooks many times and since it’s #AudiobookMonth, we wanted to highlight 3 of our favorite...

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#ReadThis 3 Magical Alternate Reality Books

Bookish • 6 Comments

The theme for this month’s Monthly Motif Challenge is Time Travel – anyway you like it. We’ve already talked about 3...

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Monthly Motif December Check In


The theme for this month’s 2016 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge is Best for Last! It’s all about finishing up those series you’ve...

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(U)nfinished Series That Need Some Love and Attention #SummerAtoZ

Bookish • 3 Comments

We mentioned new releases in series that we’ve got our eye on In Our Summer Reading (I)nbox {2016 Series Releases} but they’re...

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In Our Summer Reading (I)nbox {2016 Series Releases} #SummerAtoZ

Bookish • 3 Comments

Are any of your favorite series being updated this year with new releases? Below are a few that we’re looking forward to here at GXO....

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3 Popular Books Worth the Hype #AMonthofFaves

Bookish • 9 Comments

How do you choose which books to read? Many times, I’ll pick up a book because of the hype – or the buzz – on blogs or in...

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5 Better Than the Book Audiobooks [Vol. 1]

Bookish • 27 Comments

It’s no secret that audiobooks are my jam! Here are a few books that I recommend you listen to versus reading the print version (if...

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