This is How I Choose My Next Book

I’ve gotten a formula down for how I pick my next book. With so little time to read, I just don’t have time to ho hum over what I’m going to read next. I find this helps get the ball rolling really quickly…Okay, so sometimes I already have a book I want to read in mind. If that’s the case, I just go with it. But usually when I’m nearing the last few chapters of my current book I start the search for something to pick up next. Here’s how I approach it…

  1. Check Reading Challenge Requirements… The very first thing I do is make a note of the requirements for each reading challenge I’m participating in. If we’re moving into a new month I look at my monthly challenges (March is Time Traveling for the Monthly Motif Challenge.) If I’ve already completed my monthly challenges then I move on to check the requirements for my yearly challenges.
  2. Check TBR List… Then I check my TBR list (which I purposely keep very small) to see if any of the books I’ve jotted down will fulfill my challenge requirements.
  3. Check Book Lists… If I don’t find anything on my TBR list to read, then I move on to current book awards lists and Goodreads lists around that could fulfill my challenge requirements. I usually find a few to look into at this point.
  4. Check With My Library… I’ll make a list of four or five possibilities from the book lists I perused and then check their availability at my local library. Whichever book I can get in my hot little hands the quickest, is my next book!

So my system is pretty straight forward and it helps me to stay on track with my reading challenges but I also consider my mood and I’ll stray from reading challenge requirements if I find something intriguing that I want to read right now.

How do you pick your next book?


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  1. Tiana Wolfe

    Feb 15

    I have a much broader way of searching for my next book, I am at least somewhat of a moodreader, and I have to allow myself to read what I feel like at least once every once in a while or I feel a bit caged .

  2. Nish

    Feb 10

    I am pretty much a mood reader. I buy/borrow a lot of books, and then I just pick and choose what looks interesting to me at the time. This month though I picked up a book for #FranzeninFebruary even though I wasn’t particularly feeling it, but it’s turning out to be quite an interesting read.