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Does Guessing the Plot Twist Affect How Much You Enjoy a Book?

Mysteries and Thrillers

So you saw it coming … you guessed the plot twist! How does this impact how you feel about the book?

Guessing a plot twist doesn’t diminish my enjoyment of a book – although I’m pretty clueless, so it rarely happens that I see the twist coming before the author starts leading me in that direction.

Take for example the books in #ReadThis … 3 Books Where The Suspense Almost Killed Me. I didn’t guess the ending in any of the books. When The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty had the big reveal … I was dumbstruck! Such a glorious feeling! If you read through the comments on that post, a lot of other readers were surprised too. I had the same feeling with The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins … I just didn’t see it coming. But Alex (Sleepless Reader) guessed it from around page 35 – so there wasn’t much suspense for her. If I had guessed the twist – I wonder if it would have ruined the book for me?

Suspenseful Books

What about books that tell you who the killer is right up front? Can you still get into the story? That’s how the books in the Detective Galileo series by Keigo Higashino that I’ve read are. In both Devotion of Suspect X and Salvation of a Saint, we know who the culprits are – but we don’t know how they committed the crime. It’s finding out the “how” that’s the mystery – and I was in suspense the entire time.

Gasp Inducing Books

So – how does guessing or knowing the plot twist impact how you view a book? Do you lose interest? Or does the unraveling still hold a thrill for you?

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