We’re Moving to Chapter Adventure and a Master List of Annual Reading Challenges

Or blog is a little broken and we can’t post much at the moment. You may also have noticed that we haven’t been active here all year. Well, it’s time for a REFRESH! We’re moving to a new site – ChapterAdventure.com. That will be the new home for the Monthly Motif and Key Word Reading Challenges. We’ll also be posting about upcoming monthly and seasonal reading challenges.

AND – we have already published A Round Up of 2024 Reading Challenges that we will continue to update as new reading challenges appear.

We also already have up a list of December Reading Events and Challenges.

We’re still setting things up over there, so pardon any errors you may find, but we’d love to see you there. Come join us and leave a comment or 2. After December, Girlxoxo.com will re-direct to ChapterAdventure.com.


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