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11 Things This Week

11 Things This Week

Here are some of the things I did / read/ saw / thought recently in my life and on the interwebzzz.

11 Things This Week

ONE+ This was a good week! Work was a 5-hour drive there and back a few days later, so I used the tips in How to Stay in Shape While Traveling. Did it everyday.

TWO+ Of course audiobooks kept me company on the car ride. There are just some Types of Books That are Better as Audiobooks.

Audiobooks With Full Casts Narrations

[3 Really Excellent Audiobooks Read By Full Casts]

THREE+ I usually have trouble falling asleep the first night of being away from home. After reading 12 Things to Help You Sleep I ordered the OLLY Restful Sleep Melatonin Gummy … just because it’s the cheapest thing on that list. Anybody else have trouble sleeping sometimes? What do you do?

FOUR+ In looking through 10 Highly-Anticipated Novels to Read This Summer I saw that Nicole Dennis-Benn has a new novel coming out on June 4th called Patsy. She wrote Here Comes the Sun which I absolutely loved (one of my favorite novels set in my country, Jamaica) – so it’s going on my reading list.

FIVE+ The Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist is out. Surprisingly I’ve read 3 of the 6 books. Have you read any? Any predictions for who will take home the prize?

SIX+ Barnes and Noble Launches a YA Book Club and I’m using it to motivate my youngest son who is a reluctant reader, so we’ll be joining in.

SEVEN+ This March-April Bookish Bullet Journal is awesome. Love it!

EIGHT+ If you’re looking for a planner, you must read The Best Planner Reviews to Help You Get More Done in Less Time.

NINE3 Things To Do In May and 5 Things in May – take your exercise outside – yes! Not that I’ve actually done that yet … but it’s on my agenda.

TEN+ I’ve been paying a lot more attention to beauty products this year than I have in the past, and the products can be expensive, so I’m eyeballing some of the items on The Best Money-Saving Beauty Dupes.

ELEVEN+ 10 Apps That Will Really Save You Money was a good reminder that this is another easy way I could be saving money – I currently don’t use any of these apps – do you?

In case you missed it, this week we talked about the Audiobooks We’ve Been Listening to Lately and I shared my Functional Plan With Me [May 2019].

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