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12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer


Summer is my favorite time of year – especially since I now have to live through the long cold winters of New York. Here are some of the things I plan on doing to take full advantage of the season.

12 Fun Things to Do in the Summer

  1. Go on Hikes. Relax, meditate, de-stress.
  2. Go to a Festival. Music, movies, grape stomping, cheese making …
  3. Grill / Barbecue Outside. There’s nothing like it.
  4. Go to the Beach or Lake. Play in the water, or lounge in the sand or deck chair.
  5. Make a Summer Reading List. And read books from the list. New authors. Old favorites. Anything goes.
  6. Go for long walks or bike rides. ‘Tis the season!
  7. Watch Fireworks on 4th of July. Which is of course, Independence Day in the US.
  8. Play more. Games with kids or friends.
  9. Explore. Go somewhere new.
  10. Go There One More Time. To a favorite place, or somewhere that needs to be visited more often.
  11. Go It Alone. Spend time enjoying my own / your own company.
  12. Go Out With Friends. Spend time enjoying being in the company of others.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer?

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