Here’s a look at some interesting things we recently read online + the books I’m currently reading.

Twelve Things This Week


Books and Tea

ONE+ Anybody who writes about books can relate to The Downside of Book Blogging (and My Solution).

TWO+ Book Journal, Goodreads, or Both? Which do you use? I use Goodreads and the reading challenges tracker (which has the added benefit of forcing me to keep track of recommendation sources).

THREE+ I look forward to checking out the Bookish March Madness every year to see if I’ve read those books and if there’s any I’d like to add to my reading list.

FOUR+ Here’s a list of 15 Celebrity Book Clubs and Bookish Celebrities to Follow in 2019 – are you following any? I usually like Oprah’s book club picks.

FIVE+ 10 Black Caribbean Authors You Need to Read and 6 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Novels Inspired by the Worlds of Africa.


SIX+ Reading what makes you feel good: what are your comfort reads?

SEVEN+ Add to your watch list The Best Book Adaptations Currently on Netflix.

EIGHT+ Satisfying my travel love with this guide to The Most Unique and Luxury Experiences You Can Have in Chicago and The Best Places To Go in March, April … and May.

NINE+ And for more wanderlust, I’m looking at these 6 Cheap Cities to Visit as Soon as Spring Comes.

TEN+ I shared this article on Losing “The Last 20 Pounds” – 7 Lessons Learned While Still Eating Carbs with a bunch of people.

ELEVEN+ Here are 5 Hacks For Taking Better Bookstagram Photos (On A Reeeeally Low Budget).

TWELVE+ I just started watching You on Netflix – and yay for this guide to All the Literary References in Netflix’s YOU.

+ Which tv show are you obsessed with right now?


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