5 Things from Kim this Week

ONE. Femme Fire Books. My bff from college sent me a Femme Fire Books gift card for my birthday this year and I was pumped! FFB is a women owned, small business that “celebrates diversity in literature and encourages reading for all.” They offer a wide range of used books that “celebrate the incredible cultural melting pot” of American. They are currently trying to win the First Horizon Back to Business contest which would award them 30k to help further expand their business. I hope you’ll consider supporting them and/or voting for them to win the contest!

TWO. #wickedgoodreads BINGO card. Earlier this week Tanya announced that we are doing a bingo card challenge in conjunction with our annual #WickedGoodReads blogging event. Every October we post about all things wicked- people and creatures, dangerous places and things and we are encouraging you to get in on the spooky fun! We really hope you’ll check out the bingo card and enjoy reading something ‘wicked’ between now and October.

THREE. TV Lately. We recently finished season 2 of Ted Lasso which ended with an epic twist. I’ve liked it so far although some of the episodes were a bit too out there for me. Next up is Boba Fett. We watched the first episode and will probably continue because I do love Star Wars. We also started Derry Girls and it’s hilarious. I’d also really like to get caught up on Lost in Space. We started that when it first came out but for whatever reason, got sidetracked by other shoes. I know everyone is watching Bridgerton right now, but honestly, I’ve got zero interest in that. I never had much interest in Downton Abbey either. I suppose I’m in the minority when it comes to taste in television shows. What do you like to watch?

FOUR. Book of the Month. I used some birthday money to subscribe to BotM. I’ve resisted it for a couple years now but finally just decided to give it a try. The first book I chose was The Book of Cold Cases, Simone St. James. I don’t know if I’ll cancel my subscription or hang to it for a bit yet. Do you subscribe to any book boxes? Do you think it’s worth it?

FIVE. Bookish Link Love. I just want to end by sharing a few links I bookmarked this week. The trailer for the adorable comic, Heartstopper has been released and it looks perfect!! I’ve read several of the books on this list of Dark Fantasy Books and plan to read several more. Book Riot recently published it’s Top 6 Must-Read Authors list according to editors and I was super excited to see one of my favorite authors, Tana French made it on there. Also from Book Riot, I bookmarked this list of Best Murder Mystery books.


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  1. Bryan

    Mar 27

    We have zero interest in Bridgerton too, plus we don’t have Netflix anymore. My wife liked Downtown Abbey, though. I watched up to the point the one character was killed off and then I was done with it. We ditched Netflix and Amazon Prime (ugh, Jeffrey Bezos). We did enjoy Season 1 of Ted Lasso. We started Season 2, but didn’t get back to it. It seemed like the second season was different…not necessarily in a bad way, but personally I wasn’t getting it. We will watch it eventually, but this weekend we’ve been watching a few Oscar Best Picture nominees: Belfast, Drive My Car, and Licorice Pizza. We’ve already watched Belfast and Drive My Car, both of which were very good.

    • Kim

      Mar 28

      Yes. After watching the Oscars last night I made a note of several films I want to see now.

  2. Tanya Patrice

    Mar 25

    I don’t subscribe to any bookish subscription boxes – I’m not sure if I’m ready to try it yet. I loved Lost in Space – I watched all the seasons and it’s nice to watch an episode or 2 each night – string it out. I’m also on the Bridgerton train – I’m planning to watch it this weekend – and I just finished the book on which it’s based.