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2018 Reading Challenges Tracker [Free Downloadable Spreadsheet]

Reading Challenge Tracker Spreadsheet

Last year, I shared How to Track Reading Challenges With a Spreadsheet and showed how I created it as well as made the reading challenge tracker available for free. We’re happy to announce it’s been updated for 2018.

How to Get the Reading Challenge Tracker

2018 reading challenge tracker

How to Use the Spreadsheet

  • The spreadsheet is designed so you can add book titles, author, recommendation source, whether you’ve read it or not and genre.
  • On the Tracker tab – Across the top, there are some challenges already added – these have monthly themes, or various categories. Each cell in the columns has a drop-down box with each of the categories or themes listed.
    • I’ve pre-populated the columns with the following reading challenges: Monthly Motif (hosted by us here at GXO), Book Riot’s Read Harder, Popsugar, What’s in a Name and Modern Mrs. Darcy.
  • The last two columns are the same “Challenges” . These are for those challenges where you just have to read “X amount of books”. In each cell, there is a drop-down box that’s pre-populated with some challenges already.
    • There are 2 columns so that if you read a book for more than one challenge, you’ll be able to add it (if there are more than 2 challenges that a book can be used for – just add another “Challenges” column to the spreadsheet).

2018 Reading Challenge Tracker

How to Modify the Spreadsheet

  • Most edits happen on the Challenges tab of the spreadsheet.
    • You can remove challenges in the “Challenges” column by deleting them.
    • You can also add challenges. When you add a challenge, if you don’t see it in the drop-down list (on the Tracker tab) – you may have to increase the range of cells to include the one you added. At the top of the spreadsheet click – Data > Validation > Range – and just make sure that the Range includes the cell you just added.
  • To remove the challenges on the Tracker tab (Popsugar etc) – highlight the column and delete it.

Tips From Using The Reading Challenge Tracker Last Year

Here’s my completed 2017 Reading Challenge Tracker.

  • Check in at least monthly to update the tracker.
  • The comments section was useful for adding details, like for a Diversity challenge – I added what about the book was diverse – e.g. African American author, main character of color etc.

Remember all you have to do is make a copy and paste the 2018 Reading Challenges Tracker Spreadsheet and make it your own. If there are any questions about how to use it, leave a comment here.

Did you use the tracker last year? Did you keep up with it? How do you track books for your reading challenges (if you don’t use this tracker)?


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