3 Resources to Use to Conduct an Effective End of Year Personal Review

If you’re serious about setting goals and resolutions for the upcoming year, then it’s also essential to conduct a “year in review” to see where you’re at – what worked and what didn’t. Here are some practical, usable and actionable worksheets + a checklist of categories, that will help you evaluate your year.

Year in Review Worksheets

ONE. Ink + Volt’s Lessons learned in yearly planning – comes with a FREE printable worksheet to assist you in looking back at the year – Reflecting on 2017 Worksheet. There are just 8 questions, but answering them will make you think deeply about what you did … and what you want to do going forward – what was the best thing that happened to you this year, what accomplishments are you most proud of, what goals did you achieve this year, were there things you wanted to do but didn’t, what are the things that went well, that could be improved and biggest lessons.

Ink+Volt Year in Review

TWO. The 2018 Artist of Life Workbook by Lavendaire ($38 for the hard copy of the Workbook + the digital version; $20, you get the digital version only). The front section of this yearlong workbook has a year in review section “goodbye 2017” which leads you through questions to answer – highlights and accomplishments to be proud of, what worked in 2017 (name 3 or more wins), what didn’t work, what did I learn in 2017, how did my life evolve, who made a difference in my life, what in 2017 am I most grateful for, all the moments of pure joy.

lavendaire year in review

Year in Review Checklist

THREE. Both guides are FANTASTIC! The only thing missing is that since I didn’t have specific goals in 2017, I didn’t know what to evaluate. Watching Lavendaire’s 50 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2018 – (YouTube) (and the workbook) will provide you with ideas of areas in your life to evaluate – plus to track in the upcoming year. Note she also lists all of them on her blog post – and based on this, I created a Year in Review Checklist with 13 categories:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Personal Care
  3. Invest in Self – Personal Development / Growth
  4. Personal Travel / Adventure
  5. Family Relationship
  6. Friends / Social Relationships
  7. Finances
  8. Home Improvement
  9. Professional Development
  10. Professional Contacts
  11. Daily Reading
  12. Spiritual
  13. Explore Creativity
  14. Volunteer

DOWNLOAD: Year in Review PDF (Color) | Year in Review PDF (Black & White)

Year in Review

DOWNLOAD: Year in Review PDF (Color) | Year in Review PDF (Black & White)

Year in Review

Using the Worksheets and Checklist to Evaluate Your Year

This is what I did. I printed out the Reflecting on 2017 Worksheet and the “goodbye 2017” pages from The 2018 Artist of Life Workbook (which I bought and will be using for 2018) + the Year in Review PDF (Black & White) and got to work. I answered the questions on BOTH worksheets by using the categories on the checklist, e.g.

The Best Thing That Happened This Year: Home – Buying our new house.

Proudest Accomplishment: Professional Development – passing the CQA (auditing) exam.

Wanted to Do But Didn’t: Personal Development – learn Spanish + Health & Wellness – start running again.

Things That Went Well: Family relationships, social relationships (put myself out there to meet new people), finances (well and then bought a house – so not so well), professional development, professional contacts.

And all the other questions too … even when it was the same thing on both checklists, I answered it twice. After I was done, I put the pages in my TUL disc-bound notebook from Office Depot – it’s my 2018 notebook of lists + things.

Do you do a year in review exercise? Do you put to pen to paper – or is it more conceptual?

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