2021 Monthly Book Award Reading Challenge [January Check-In]

Welcome to the January check-in for the 2021 Book Awards Reading Challenge. This month’s task is to read a book (or books) that WON an award in JANUARY. Check in here (in the comments), in our Goodreads group, on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #AwardReadingChallenge.

Awards that have been presented in January include


  • Your task is to read at least 1 book that has WON a book award presented in the month of January (any year)
  • Post about what you’ve read anywhere online – your blog, Goodreads and / or social media using the hashtag #AwardReadingChallenge
  • Come back to our check-in here in the comments – leave a link and/or tell us which book(s) you read, the award and year it won.

Check last year’s check-in in here and on Goodreads for recommendations … so what are you reading this month?!


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  1. Randi

    Dec 01

    I read 2 Costa Award winners in January- The Confession Of Frannie Langton and Elizabeth Is Missing

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