2022 Monthly Book Award Reading Challenge [February Check-In]

Welcome to the February check-in for the 2022 Book Awards Reading Challenge. This month’s task is to read a book (or books) that WON an award in FEBRUARY. Check in here or with our Goodreads group or on Instagram with the hashtag #AwardReadingChallenge.

feb 2022 award reading challenge

Awards that have been presented in February include the the PEN America Literary Awards which honors outstanding voices in literature and The Southern Book Prize where booksellers and readers across the South vote on the books they have most enjoyed selling, recommending, and reading.. The American Library Association Awards (including the Youth Media Awards) is sometimes announced in February – like in 2018.


  • Your task is to read at least 1 book that has WON a book award presented this month
  • Post about what you’ve read anywhere online – your blog, Goodreads and / or Instagram using the hashtag #AwardReadingChallenge
  • Come back to our check-in here in the comments  leave a link and/or tell us which book(s) you read, the award and year it won.

Recommendations: 2021 Goodreads Group and the 2021 Reading Challenge … so what are you reading this month?!


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