5 Book to Movie (or TV) Adaptations We Can’t Believe We Haven’t Watched Yet

There are some really great book to movie adaptations out there right now! Here are a few that we can’t believe we haven’t seen yet…

✤ Kim ✤


I kinda, really want to see this but I’m kinda a scaredy cat too. Also the reason I haven’t ever read a King book- I super hate admitting that. I have actually seen The Shining and Stand By Me. Can I overcome my fear and read a King book in 2018?? Maybe… if I survive watching It.

Divergent Series

Hmmm. I do want to see how each of the books plays on screen, even though I didn’t love this series in the end. It had so much potential but just totally crashed and burned. Should I still see the movies?

The Girl With All The Gifts

This book was a total zombie gem. I really need to see the movie.

Book to Movies

Here are 5 Book to Movie Adaptations I Was Excited To See in 2017

✤ Tanya ✤

Big Little Lies

I haven’t watched this primarily because I don’t have an HBO subscription, but that hasn’t stopped me before. I will probably binge-watch this series in the near future.

Gone Girl

There is no excuse – I loved the book and has pretty good ratings on Rotten Tomato.

What book to movie adaptations are you most excited for?


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  1. Akilah

    May 11

    I would skip Divergent. Tris’s eyelashes are very distracting.