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#AMonthofFaves 8 TV Series That Should Be On Your Radar

Faves on the Screen

What did you watch this year that you absolutely loved? Did you see any movies inspired by books you’ve read? Here’s 8 of my favorite tv shows #onscreen this year.

Favorite TV Shows Watched This Year

ONE+ Better Call Saul (AMC and Netflix) – This show is currently on with season 4 airing this year. The characters are my favorite thing about this show.

TWO+ Big Little Lies (HBO) … The book, Big Little Lies was one of my favorite books of the year, and the tv series adaptation really did it justice – so I can’t say whether the book or tv show was better. They are both awesome! There has only been 1 season so far, but there is a season 2 in the works.

THREE+ Blackish (ABC and Hulu) – FUNNY! I love how this show doesn’t shy away from incorporating race in raising a family as a minority in the US – and sometimes, it’s over the top – but this is the first series that had me laughing out loud in a loooonnnggg time! There have been 5 seasons so far.

FOUR+ Claws (TNT) – Admittedly, Claws is OVER THE TOP! It’s ghetto AF and like a train wreck that you just can’t stop watching. There’ve been 2 seasons and a 3rd one is coming.

FIVE+ The Good Fight (CBS All Access) – DRAMA. I LOVED This is the follow-up series to The Good Wife … which I absolutely loved! Although you have to jump through hoops to watch this as it’s only available online @ CBS All Access, the 2 seasons are so worth it.

SIX+ Insecure (HBO) – Trying to figure out life in your 20s is complicated and difficult and fun … and this series brought it all back. There have been 3 seasons so far with the promise of a 4th.

SEVEN+ Power (Starz) – 5 seasons of non-stop drama and action.

EIGHT+ Scandal (Netflix | Originally ABC) – This is the only series on the list that’s no longer showing. There’s 7 seasons) of nothing but drama.

Have you watched any of these programs? Which one is your fave. If you’re participating in #AMonthofFaves [The 2018 Edition] link up to your blog post (or Instagram picture) below.

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