App Deal [Starbucks]

Starbucks Deal

Do you use the apps of places you go to often? I’ve recently started doing this, and when I saw this deal from Starbucks to become a Gold Member for the price of one purchase, I decided to download the app and signed up.

Here’s the deal … Starbucks is giving you Gold status after just one purchase. Make just one purchase between July 20 – 31, 2017 and you’ll automatically get its highest level of status. There’s no registration required, and you just need to have a profile and use the app or a registered card in order to get the status. If you successfully make the purchase, your account should update with Gold status.

And it works …

starbucks gold

Starbucks Rewards members score 2 stars per $1 spent, a free Birthday Reward, free In-Store Refills and more! AND with Starbucks Gold status

Starbucks Gold Rewards

Use the Starbucks App – and here’s why. No need to keep track of the card; use the app to pay; see how much you’ve been spending at Starbucks; order ahead of time.

Are you a Starbucks Reward Member? Do you use apps for your favorite or frequently visited places?


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  1. Well now this is just awesome! Doing it right now.