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Monthly Motif Reading Challenge 2020

Reading Challenges • 156 Comments

Welcome to the 6th annual Monthly Motif Reading Challenge! We are so excited to be back for another year. This challenge is meant to give...

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Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge 2020

Reading Challenges • 163 Comments

Hi friends! Welcome to the 2020 Monthly Key Word Reading Challenge. Here’s a little background on this reading challenge: I (Kim)...

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14 Reading Challenge Groups on Goodreads

Reading Challenges • 4 Comments

Reading challenges are an awesome way to diversify your reading and not get stuck in a reading rut. We already have a monster Master List...

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2019 Reading Challenges Tracker [FREE Spreadsheet]

Reading Challenges • 8 Comments

After you’ve scrolled through the massive selection in The Master List of 2019 Reading Challenges and decided what you’re going...

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The Master List of 2019 Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges • 115 Comments

UPDATED 01/06/2019 with even MORE challenges! There may be another update with a few challenges that I may have missed and to introduce the...

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2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge

Reading Challenges • 59 Comments

Welcome to the 2019 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge! This challenge runs from JANUARY 1, 2019 – DECEMBER 31, 2019 ~ For this challenge,...

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The Master List of 2018 Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges • 97 Comments

Reading challenges are so much fun. If you want to join in, you’ll find below a list of all the 2018 year long reading challenges hosted...

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2018 Reading Challenges Tracker [Free Downloadable Spreadsheet]

Reading Challenges • 9 Comments

Last year, I shared How to Track Reading Challenges With a Spreadsheet and showed how I created it as well as made the reading challenge...

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2018 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge Sign Ups

Reading Challenges • 60 Comments

Welcome  to the 2018 Monthly Motif Reading Challenge that runs from JANUARY 1, 2018 – DECEMBER 31, 2018 ~ For this challenge, each ...

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