March was the best month for me so far because we finally saw temperatures warmed up and I was able to get outside – I do not do cold! I also hit my monthly cycling goal – 400KM (all inside), rode the farthest distance I have ever – 50K, got the 1st shot of the COVID vaccine and went on vacation to Florida. Phew – it’s rare that I ever have that much going on in a month! Here’s what else I was loving on.


Fave Sephora Lip Scrub Lilac Handsoap

ONE+ We’ve had an older version of this Ion Disco Lights bluetooth speaker for years! It is so much fun to have the colorful disco lights on at a party – and I mean even just a dance party at home with the kids … and frankly, I use it in the basement when I run on the treadmill instead of having overhead lights on. Turning my run into something fun makes it something I look forward to instead of dread!

TWO+ Sephora Lip Balm & Scrub has been my secret weapon this winter! It was a total impulse buy but so worth it as my lips usually chap and crack in the middle – this helped so much! Rose is the only flavor I’ve tried and I use it 2-3x per week. I also used Burt Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. My other favorite lip scrub is Fresh Sugar Lip Polish.

THREE+ I’m on vacation in Florida this week and shout-out to the Lemon Drop Beekini which is sexy but covers up the bits you want covered up, good quality and excellent price.

FOUR+ My absolute favorite hand soaps come from Bath and Body Works. I’ve been using the Fresh Cut Lilacs lately and it smells so heavenly. I’m also a big fan of their scented hand sanitizers and have been using Sunshine & Lemons.

FIVE+ I mentioned Magnetic 8.5’’ x 11’’ Small Dry Erase Whiteboard in All the Ways I’m Organizing Stuff in 2021. It comes with 6 different color dry erase markers that are magnetic and stick to the board. We have gotten a lot of use out of this already!

What was your fave highlight from this month or one thing that you loved doing or used a lot of?


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