My 5 Favorite Virtual Workout Sources

Hey readers! Kim here. Any of you keep up with a regular workout? I’ve been on again, off again about working out over the years. At the beginning of the year I was just coming off of two years of not working out at all. Not even my regular yoga practice, which kind of makes me sad. In all fairness, I had a baby and then just got caught up in the busy, baby years. But my baby is going to be 3 in May so I decided it was high time I jumped back on the wagon. Here are my very favorite virtual workouts that can be done via Youtube…

Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall is the brains behind Fitness Marshall and I love him so much. He’s got the best sense of humor. His workouts are by far my very favorite to do. They’re flirty, fun, and sassy dances that anyone can do set to popular music. Caleb’s boyfriend and his best friend join him in his workouts often but he’s also joined but several other people. What I love about his group is that they show that anyone from any ability, fitness level, and body type can do his workouts and have a blast. Not only that but Caleb is 100% supportive of his “Booty Army” and frequently show cases their efforts on Instagram and other social media.


I’ve been doing PopPilates with Cassy Ho off and on again for years. Years ago I took my first pilates class in college and fell head over heels for the workout. As a dancer I loved the emphasis on stretching combined with strength training. Cassy’s puts out a monthly workout plan with accompanying videos for you to do each month. I love this because I don’t have to think too hard about which workouts I should do from day to day and I get a full body experience by the time the month is up.

Yoga with Adriene

Again, I’ve loved Adriene’s videos for years and am so happy to be doing them again regularly. Adriene has got a yoga workout for just about anything that ails you and her soothing voice and reassuring tone with have you feeling like a yoga expert in no time. It’s her videos I turn to when I need to remind myself how important it is to take care of myself.

PopSugar Fitness

Is there anything Popsugar doesn’t do? In addition to participating in their yearly reading challenge, I also love doing their fitness videos. On their Youtube Channel you’ll find just about any workout from a Latin dance routine to kickboxing to yoga. I love the variety and can always find something that fits my mood and my schedule.


MadFit is one of those channels that has a little bit of everything too. The workouts are very straightforward, fun, and easy to follow. I typically turn to these when I’m in a hurry. I like to do the ‘song workouts’ which are all less than 4 minutes long because they’re just set to one song. I also like the ‘no equipment’ videos because the only thing I have at home is a yoga mat, resistance band, and a couple of hand weights.

What type of workouts do you like do? 


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  1. Janet

    Apr 11

    Thanks for the suggestion on Yoga with Adriene. I will check out her videos.
    I usually do yoga and weights and stretches. But with the order to stay home, I have not been exercising. I need to get back to it. Thanks for the nudge!

    • @Janet I hope you like her videos. She’s such a great choice for yoga!

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