My January Reset Challenge Recap

resetIn January I decided to participate in the Recap Challenge hosted by Amy of Lemon and Raspberry. The idea was to do three things:

  1. Reflect on 2015
  2. Think about the Here and Now
  3. Look Forward

There was an option to pull all your thoughts together into an album and include a few photos. For my album I ordered the SNAP Simple Stories 6×8 album in black. It came with a few inserts- chipboard divider pages, patterned paper, and photo pocket plastic protectors. To finish off the book I also used some leftover filler cards I had from a Project Life kit I’d used a couple of years ago.

reset4In the Reflect section I journaled a bit about 2015 and wrote a list of my 2015 highlights. I also included some of my favorite photos taken in 2015. I took photos of my album before inserting my personal stuff. A lot of this is really deep reflection on my life which turned out to be just what I needed to do.

For the Here and Now section I included a current selfie and wrote a bit about how I’m trying to take better care of myself physically and mentally this year. I used some Project Life journaling cards I had laying around. On one card I wrote a list of things in my life that just aren’t working. On the other card I wrote a list of things that were awesome and that I wanted to continue. These lists were really eye opening.

reset3Finally, for the Looking Forward section I included my list of goals, a couple of buckets lists, and some journaling that goes into further detail on my goals.

Frustratingly my family (myself included) has been sick for a good chunk of January and that cut into the action part of my reset challenge. I just wasn’t able to implement my goals like I’d hoped to. I started to feel that the challenge had been wasted because I’d been too sick to focus on it very much. Then it hit me that it didn’t need to end in January. I decided that I would continue writing and reflecting in my album all year long so I don’t lose site of what I’m striving for. I left a blank page at the end of the album. I plan to fill it with some final thoughts on 2016 come December.

This was a fun project and I’m playing with the idea of doing it every year and adding to my album since there’s still plenty of room in there.

If you could press reset on one thing in your life, what would it be?


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