New Guided Journals I’m Loving

There are two main things that occupy my mind right now. 1. Taking care of my family and being a mom and 2. Staying focused on self care and accomplishing my personal goals. I found two guided journals that are perfect to help me do just that…You might remember my love for guided journals. It’s been nearly a year since I last talked about them and I’m excited to share my two new favorites with you.

The Grass Is Green Enough

I recently came across this journal when I was at Barnes and Noble. I knew right away it was just what I needed. I suffered from a lot of envy last year. I just couldn’t find contentment. I recognize that this is just a tough stage of life but I had a hard time looking past my struggles.

I love this journal because it has pages of inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout and it asks you to respond to each quote. I’ve already found that this helps me to focus on what I can control right now and to be thankful for all that I have.

A Handbook For Life

This journal was gifted to me by a close friend. The idea is that you fill this out with all your life experiences and little nuggets of advice/wisdom and then pass it on to your kiddo.

I think it’ll be interesting to write my thoughts down in this and then give it to my son, maybe when he’s a teenager or heading off to college. It’s a simple way to really say what you want to say to your kid and let them take it in all in their own time. Plus, they’ll be able to turn back to it whenever they want to.

Who knows. Maybe my kid won’t care what I have to say about life, but I think I would have loved to get something like this from my mom.

Have you tried a guided journal before?


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  1. Lana

    Jun 25

    I don’t usually use guided journals, but these look really nice! Maybe I should try it sometime 🙂

  2. Karen Blue

    Jan 17

    I don’t know that I would fill out a journal with the intent that my kid read it. I don’t know what I would have done if my Mom had gifted me one. I do like the idea of answering questions as a way to understand myself. I would probably enjoy a guided journal. Thanks for sharing these, I had no idea there were so many options!

  3. Oh I LOVE this idea! I like the concept of journals and writing down thoughts and such, but I never know what to write- these sound like perfect compromises! And I agree, I would have LOVED something like that from my mom, I would love to do that for my kids, too. I have blogs that I write to them in (they’re private, and I just write… random stuff) but I have the same issue- running out of things to say! These sound great, thanks for sharing them!

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