Digital Memory Keeping Tools I Use

I try really hard to keep up with memory keeping. It can be hard to find the time. Lately there are three tools that I’ve been using that have helped me be able to stay on top of it…

Penzu App

This is a journaling app. I use it to jot down short little thoughts that come to be throughout the day. For example, I use it to record the funny things my 2 year old says and does. I used to keep a notebook for these kinds of memories but would always forget just exactly what I had wanted to jot down. The app makes it easy to quickly log in and record it in the moment.


I really love the Project Life system but realistically it’s too time consuming for this stage in life. I’ve since moved to using Chatbooks. Chatbooks links to your Instagram account and prints designated IG photos in a book for you. I have my account set up so that my book will automatically add IG photos with a certain hashtag and then when I have added a designated number of photos, it automatically creates my book and sends me an alert to approve it before it also orders it for me. So simple and easy.

1 Second Everyday

I mentioned this before but I love this app. The idea is that I record 1 second of film from my life everyday and at the end of the year I use iMovie to create a little memory video. Some days I don’t get good film or I just plain forget to do it- even though it reminds me. But mostly I hit every day and by the end of the year I’ll have about a 5-6 minute video of my year at a glance. It’s really easy and fun to use.

Do you attempt any kind of memory keeping?


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