My Top Memory Keeping Methods of 2015

I’m big on memory keeping. I try to save a bit of the little every day memories right along with the big events too. I have several favorite ways to do this. These are my favorites for 2015.

Penzu – I have the Penzu app on my phone so I can hop on there and jot down thoughts as I have them. This is so helpful because my mind is constantly racing. I find keeping a large paper journal just too much work right now. I never remember to pull it out before bed so it never gets written in. But I always have my phone and it’s as quick as typing up a couple sentences.

Guided Journals – Earlier this month I talked about my Top 5 Favorite Guided Journals. I don’t sweat it if I don’t get to write in these on a daily basis. Sometimes I’ll pull them all out on a Sunday and fill in one line for each day. It’s easy to remember the main events from the week and quickly jot them down all at once.

memory keeping

Project Life – I am still a big fan of digital Project Life and it’s easy to fill template. I just drop in my photos and a few cute filler cards, add a small bit of text if I have anything to say and I’m on my way. Project Life is my main method for recording our family life each year.

ChatbooksChatBooks allows you to turn all your Instagram photos into a photo-book with just a couple clicks. (I’d love to connect with you on Instagram.) I create custom hashtags for categories in my life like #lynnetravels2015. Then I pull up all the photos under that hashtag, upload them to chatbooks and order my book. So easy and fun!

What’s your favorite way to record your memories?

(Image Credit: Israel Sundseth)


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  1. The scrapbooker in me has had my eye on Project Life for quite a while. I used to scrapbook when I had only one child and loved it. My memory keeping has become simplified since having two more boys running around the house and it’s time to get some of these photos in the albums before I forget entirely!

    Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!

  2. Oh! These are some great tips. I might try out the Instagram one, but I am poor at hashtagging, would have to go back in and add tags to all my old posts to get this to work.